SBT Venture Capital manages a FinTech VC fund investing in the most promising growth stage companies in the financial services industry.

We bring a solid experience in the banking industry, an incredible network of financial services companies and related technology vendors. SBT’s main partner and investor is Sberbank, the largest commercial bank in Russia. Current focus is on early-stage growth companies that are generating revenue, in need of financial/intellectual capital and access to the right network in order to rapidly scale.

SBT provides more than just finance. We foster growth.


July 2, 2015
Every startup (and banks, for that matter, but in a much less attractive fashion) are all after the Mass Affluents, meaning the large majority of potential investors and try to [...]
Source: Matteo’s blog
June 9, 2015
There is no shortage of advice for startup CEOs, from books to blog posts, and an endless stream of online advice. The bigger the mainstream media buzz about startups, the [...]
Source: Mircea’s blog
June 4, 2015
I have been writing about the false myth of the fancy frequent traveller life, and I want to explore it a bit further in this post, knowing there will be [...]
Source: Matteo’s blog
May 20, 2015
My first attempt of a post written with my IPhone. FinTech right now looks like the Klondike gold fever, where everybody with a hat ran to the river and over [...]
Source: Matteo’s blog

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