Soft & Hard-Fi

Rothko was at overcapacity last night where My Favorite Son, Soft & Hard-Fi played a very great set. We've been seeing a lot of Favorite Sons at random shows in the past two months. Their set is fluid and the crowd always wants more after they leave the stage. They need to do a Piano's residency or something. Their 7" should be finishing soon. Pick it up in August. The next band was Soft. Soft's instrumentation was good but the singer voice bordered on annoying to alright.

Hard-Fi, celebrating a recent nomiation for the Mercury Prize, played a great set sounding a bit like The Clash and The Specials. We loved their Seven Nation Army cover. Toronto readers be sure to catch them tonight at The Drake Hotel.

Summer Slowdown

We are experiencing a major slowdown on Aeki Tuesday. Not that there isn't enough music news to report. There isn't enough hours in the day for us to have time to post. Our posting will be limited to a few posts per week starting today until we find a resolution or Stephen J. Hawking finds a way for Aeki Tuesday to be at two places at once.

In the meantime, we will still have numerous Chaturbat contests on the site. Look out for new reviews and interviews in the upcoming weeks.

We attended Siren Music Festival at Coney Island last Saturday. The lineup wasn't as great as the last but it was still fun. We really wanted to catch Saul Williams play but we were waiting in the longest Nathan's line to grab a bite to eat. While munching on some food, VHS or Beta played on the Stillwell Stage. Is it just us or do they sound like The Cure?

Aqualung & Boost Mobile RockCorps

Aqualung will be on Conan O'Brien tonight. Don't miss it.

Aqualung will be in New York playing at Housing Works Benefit. Tickets are still available. Doors open at 7PM for a 7:30 concert. Seating is limited and available on a first come, first seated basis.

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Crank it up! Tune into DC101 and hook up with Volunteer Fairfax for a free ticket to see Coldplay

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See The Roots In NYC Free!

It looks like The Roots will be playing a secret show in NYC next week. Details below.

Fusion Flash Concerts is a series of free, unannounced-until-the-last-minute concerts performed by 10 hot and emerging music artists in secret locations across the country.

The first concert features The Roots at an undisclosed location in New York City for free! Starting today, New Yorkers can visit Fusion Flash or send a text message containing the word "Go" to 35274 (FLASH) on their mobile phones to register as an "Insider," to find out where The Roots will be performing at a park, club, pier or parking lot near them.


Cameron Crowe's new film Elizabethtown is set for release on this October. Orlando Bloom stars as a man who is coping through the lost of his father. On an MTV News interview with Cameron Crowe

The rest of the article is a good read. Crowe also mentions wanting do direct Spider-Man 4 and Kirsten Dunst's LimeWire habit.

According to this Billboard article, new details on the Elizabethtown soundtrack album is available. The full track list has not been finalized, My Morning Jacket, Elton John, Tom Petty and Ryan Adams are confirmed to appear on the "Elizabethtown" soundtrack. Due Sept. 13 via J, the album accompanies writer/director Cameron Crowe's latest film, which arrives Oct. 14 in U.S. theaters.

My Morning Jacket has also donated a live recording of "I Will Be There When You Die" to the "Elizabethtown" soundtrack companion "Songs From the Brown Hotel," which will be available beginning Aug. 16 via the Coalition of Independent Music Stores' Junket Boy imprint.

Songs From The Brown Hotel EP will be limited to 5000 copies on CD and 1000 copies on 7" vinyl (a 3-piece set). The EP will benefit the will be benefit the Center for Women and Families, based in Louisville, Kentucky. Artists participating in the charity EP include Patty Griffin, Bill Monroe, Elvis Presley, My Morning Jacket, Nancy Wilson and Sun Kil Moon (covering Neil Diamond's 'Kentucky Woman'). Songs From The Brown Hotel will be available at your local CIMS record store in early August.